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Best audio artists

Posted by DJDela - October 8th, 2011

So I decided to make a list including the best ELECTRONIC music artists on Newgrounds (in my opinion).

1. SteakJohnson
2. xKore
3. Avizura (aka. 2DPolygon)
4. Bjra
5. Acid-Paradox
6. djhoohaa
7. djInTheDark
8. ParagonX9
9. Envy
10. XsakuX

These are the people you just have to listen to.
There are also lots of other great artists I heard here, but didn't add them to favorites, so I forgot their name, but these are my current favorites.

Go to their site, NOW.

Comments (10)

Dude I made your top ten? Sick shit!
(regardless of the stupid arguments we've had I think that's pretty dope)

Thanks so much for listening :D

Well yeah, I like your music :)

F YEAH! thanks!

Best EDM artists sure, but what about the Ambient, Classical, Hip-hop, Heavy Metal, Jazz, Rock, Glitch, and other guys?

Hmm, seems that I forgot to write that those are the best artists IN MY OPINION.
And I listen to Electronic, so they are just my favorite artists.
Is it bad that I don't listen to others that much? :(

Look up the music for Simcity 3000 and Simcity 4. Best video game music ever..

lol, what?

thanks for this list.. will give them a shot.. I don't really know about what this stuff is supposed to sound like but I like it! outside of newgrounds I usually listen to stuff with alot fewer purely electronic (and I imagine sometimes virtual instruments.)

Well this is a pure electronic music list, I don't know if it will appeal to you if you don't like electro that much. :)

Avizura and ParagonX9 are two of my favorites in the electronica circles on here.

ParagonX9 is everyone's favorite, because she is a girl :P

xKore #2? U MAD!!!!! :p

Yes, #2, there are plenty of people here whose music sounds pro, but unfortunately they are not popular, like the #1 guy :)

wtf I had no idea that you can make quality house tunes.

Y U NO know that? xD
Thanks, but unfortunately I didn't finish most of them, probably for lack of ideas or time.

Don't forget the dance genre man - plenty of "electronic" creations are there.

If this is about that F-777 song, then I really have nothing to say...

Woah woah woah, step back Mr. Computer. This is just NG we're talking about, you do realise that? Nobody can be overrated on NG, it's too small a community. You may not like F-777's music or Kr1z in your opinion, but it doesn't mean they aren't talented artists.