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Great flash

This is great quality animation and it's really funny.
Oh how I hate these arrow in the knee jokes...


that dude doing the "headbang" in the background is hillarious, especially when he gets killed too

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Great graphics and very nice gameplay, I really enjoyed playing it.
This one is going to my favorites.
By the way, thanks for using my music.
You should have asked me before though, I would improve the song specially for this flash. :)

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Not exactly the kind of style I enjoy, but it's still a decent track considering it's your first submission.

First, I noticed some clipping, at 1:30 and 2:55 to be precise, so you might want to check volume levels.
I must say that the track is repetitive, so you should try adding more synths and make better transitions. But since you made this in a short time, and there's more work to be done, I think you can improve it a lot.
What I would suggest is to add a "real" beat (4x4 kick would be nice, or whatever you feel would go well), because it would sound much better that way. The structure of this track in not that great, because through the whole song I had a feeling I'm listening to some kind of build up.
But it would have been a good build up, if there was an actual drop for example at 1:30 or 2:15 . :D

You're not bad at all, just work a bit on the structure, introduce new synths, and make the track less repetitive.

XSpiritSlayerX responds:

Roger that, point taken.
Thanks DJ!

Amazing melody, this is great piece of music.
I liked the buildup and drop @3:40.
I would only like if the bass was a bit more prominent, and less repetitive melody, but it's nothing serious.
Nice work.

dj-patm responds:

Thank you very much.

I did try extending the melody to add more variation but I think it took away from the song

You really need to add some deep bass so I can tear down the house when listening to it :P
The bassline is so SICK, and the drums are great as usual. :)

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