2013-03-11 16:13:47 by DJDela

Hey everyone, I just started with this new project.
I'm using a new name since my current one is taken on Beatport, and from now on it will be "Arcide".
I signed a contract with TRXX, which is one of Plasmapool's imprints, and all my future releases will be on TRXX label.
They already released a few tracks of mine, so you can get it on Beatport.
Follow me on Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook if you like.

"Velocity" Beatport link

"The Return" Beatport link


Lethal (Original Mix) [OUT NOW]

2012-07-10 15:38:48 by DJDela

Hey everyone, check out my newest track, it's finally been released by Peak Hour Music.
You can get it on Beatport
Thanks for your support.

Lethal (Original Mix) [OUT NOW]

Zedd - Spectrum (Dela Remix)

2012-07-02 13:35:02 by DJDela

Hey everyone, please check out my entry for the Zedd's remix contest.
The voting starts July 4th (actually, it's July 6th now, they changed the schedule a bit), so this is to get more views and shares, so hopefully my mix gets more prominent.
Thanks everyone, and please come back July 6th to vote.

New Release! "Dela - Lethal (Original Mix)"

2012-06-01 15:34:10 by DJDela

Hey everybody, check out my new upcoming release under the "Peak Hour Music" label.
Release date is June 14.
I can't upload it to newgrounds because of the license.

You can listen to the preview HERE

Best audio artists

2011-10-08 08:07:50 by DJDela

So I decided to make a list including the best ELECTRONIC music artists on Newgrounds (in my opinion).

1. SteakJohnson
2. xKore
3. Avizura (aka. 2DPolygon)
4. Bjra
5. Acid-Paradox
6. djhoohaa
7. djInTheDark
8. ParagonX9
9. Envy
10. XsakuX

These are the people you just have to listen to.
There are also lots of other great artists I heard here, but didn't add them to favorites, so I forgot their name, but these are my current favorites.

Go to their site, NOW.

WIP stuff

2011-04-25 03:42:20 by DJDela

Listening to xKore's "Bunch of old stuff" encouraged me to put my own WIP stuff, doesn't matter if it's only in the early stage of production, or almost finished, so I will put that stuff together soon...

Edit: I finally made the collection like I promised, so profile visitors please check it out. :) /440924